Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[Where] Are You?

This is  a favorite game around our house.  It is played around the house, it is played in the car, it is probably played daily.   We play it with PB, we play it with LM, we play it with Daddy, we play it with Belle (PB’s doll).

Where are you?

Here is what you need:
A blanket or other hiding places

I am sure you have heard of this game - peek-a-boo or hide and go seek.  You cover whatever is hiding with the blanket.  You then say, “PB, where are you?” You listen for the giggles.  You might get great answers like I have in the past, “PB, where are you?” “I-ding (hiding)”.  You continue asking “Where are you?” until the hiding object reveals itself.  (Or PB removes the blanket from Belle.)

Playing "Are You" with Dollie
Seeing that she is getting a little older we are starting to make this game a little more advanced, especially when played with Daddy.  Plus, thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba we have to sing a “Gabba song” while looking.   Daddy actually hides and we look for him.  As PB gets the idea of this version we will help her hide then find her.

Classic games never grow old.  Plus, you can easily adapt them to make them fresh. 

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