Thursday, March 8, 2012


ABC tag needs several people to play.  It’s a great way to work listening skills into a physical activity.

Here is how you play:

  • Determine who is “it”.  - you can use several different ways.  The youngest in the group, the oldest in the group, the person with the next birthday, the person who just had a birthday, the person born closest to the New Year - just a few ideas.
  • “It” stands in one place and counts to 5 giving time for everyone to start running around.  
  • “It” starts to run and tags the other players.
  • When a player is tagged they must freeze.
  • To be unfrozen they must be tagged by another player.  
  • When they are tagged by the other player the unfrozen player must shout out a letter of the alphabet (starting with A).  
  • The next unfrozen player will shout out the next letter.  
  • Play continues until either all players are frozen or all the letters of the alphabet have been shouted.  
  • The player that shouts Z is the next “it”.  

Are you playing with older kids?
The first player yells out a letter - any letter.  The rest of the game unfrozen players must yell out a word that starts with that letter.  Play continues until someone cannot think of a word starting with the letter and yells “STUMPED” or a count of 5.  They become “it.”

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