Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Preschool Activities - Fall, Harvest or Thanksgiving

Here is your one stop shop for Fall, Harvest and Thanksgiving preschool activities.

Twig and Leaf Presses - Art, Math and Science all in one creative activity.
Cornucopia Math - Counting and number recognition activity.
Harvest Exploration - Self explore science activity.
Instant Pumpkin Pudding - Science and Math activity that includes cooking.
Thankful Wreath - Cutting and pasting activity that helps teach gratitude
Harvest Memory Game - Homemade 'memory' game for letter recognition.
5 Free Preschool Activities (Harvest) - Two Science, Language Development, Art, and Get Moving Game
Q is for Quilt - Homemade 'memory' game for letter recognition (fall based)
Perfectly Imperfect Wreath - Fine motor art activity with cutting and pasting.
Nature Walk - Ideas to integrate learning with the world around us.
Green Leaves Movement Poem - Movement poem about fall trees.
Green Leaves in Trees - Poem of trees through the seasons.
Recycled Paper Beads - Green Thanksgiving craft.
Yum vs Yuck - Science preschool activity involving foods.

Hope you enjoy these 18 Free preschool activities.


izza said...

Hey! thanks for the links! This different learning styles looks great. I am always looking for ideas for my little ones.

Lauren said...

This is a great list- thanks for sharing :)


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